For the best lawn service in DeKalb County, call Holbrook Lawn Care, the leader in residential and commercial lawn in and around the DeKalb County area. Holbrook Lawn Care provides excellent lawn care, as well as many other services including: landscaping, spring/fall cleanup, mulching, yard seeding, lawn fertilizer and weed control, shrub trimming and removal, tree removal and trimming, as well as snow removal, and many more. Unsure? Ask, and we’d be glad to be of help!

We provide professional service at a personal price. Satisfaction is guaranteed 100%.

Your property is top priority to us. Mowing services are offered on an as-needed basis. We pride our self in billing only when service is completed. We do offer the traditional year-round maintenance package for a base price as well. Kentucky Bluegrass is typically found in Northern Indiana. With average temperatures and steady rainfall the Spring and Fall months typically see above average growth. Towards the end of July and the beginning of August most lawns become dormant not requiring any services.
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